November 2022 - Believing you are a good Mom with Emily Wardrop

Emily Wardop

AL Guest Speakers

Emily Wardrop from Drop the War Life Coaching is an Advanced Certified Peaceful Parenting Life Coach who helps moms of young kids drop power struggles to create more peace in their parenting. She especially loves helping Moms who have a child that has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as she has two young daughters diagnosed in the past couple years and knows the specific struggles that accompany being a pancreas as well as a mom. Emily is passionate about helping all the Moms Believe that they ARE a Good Mom!

She will be talking about “Believing that you ARE a Good Mom will help you become a Good Lover!” If you are a Mom, believing you Are a Good Mom will drop the lies that you are a terrible mom which is currently causing layers of guilt, shame, and stress that are sexual brakes. That in itself will help you become a better lover. And the same process we use to believe we ARE inherently a Good Mom can also be used to believe that you ARE a Good Wife, a Good Lover, Good in Bed, and whatever other beliefs that will help you relax and enjoy sex for you!


If you’d like to learn more about Emily:

  • To receive a prerecorded masterclass with more how-to details about Believing you ARE a Good Mom, click here.
  • To receive a video training specifically for T1D Moms, click here. This training will help you feel less scared, stressed and sad, and more confident, calm, and connected with your diabetic kiddo.
  • Check out her brand new podcast, “Believe you Are a Good Mom with Emily Wardrop”