Give Your Child the Most Amazing Wedding Gift!

Is your son or daughter engaged?  Do you want to help prepare them for their wedding night but don’t want to overstep?  Maybe you have a lot of anxiety about talking to them about sex.  Because you love them, you don’t want them to go in as inexperienced as you were and make the same mistakes you did, but you also aren’t sure how to talk to them about it.

I can help! As a Latter-day Saint woman and a Certified Sex & Marriage coach, I have designed an amazing interactive online course to prepare engaged couples for their wedding night and beyond.  This course includes everything they need to know to be confident in themselves and make the night a wonderful experience.

It includes:

  • What to expect on the wedding night and how to prepare
  • Understanding their body and pleasure zones
  • How to pleasure each other
  • How to set loving boundaries and speak your truth
  • What is allowed and not allowed by the Church
  • How to have a great intimate relationship for years to come!

This course was designed for the couple to do together.  But, they can do it individually or one of them can do it and have the confidence to teach the other what they have learned to create the experience they desire.

Having worked with dozens of women on their sex life, I have heard time and time again how disappointed they were on their wedding night because it wasn’t what they expected. There is also a very common misconception that because sex is “natural” that it will just come easy.  But for most, that is not true. (You have probably seen that in your own marriage.)  Sex is a skill and it takes time to learn to do it well.  And with that learning, comes a lot of misteps and heartbreak.  But most of that can be minimized, if not circumvented altogether, with some knowledge and practice.  That is what I offer you with this course.

By itself, this course is an amazing value!  But on top of the course, the couple will get 1-year of monthly office hours with live coaching from me.  They will be able to bring any questions and concerns to the office hours and get help specific to their situation.  (A $1200 value!)

What they’ll get:

  • Comprehensive course with 10 modules on sexuality and relationships.
  • Worksheets to help them evaluate their thoughts, feelings, and expectations around sex.
  • 12 monthly coaching calls with me to answers all of their questions and get help specific to your situation before and after your wedding.

They’ll get everything they need to create the sexual relationship and marriage they want (and you want them to have!) They are preparing for eternity together.  Start them off right!

Learn more here.

About Me

Hi! I’m Amanda Louder.  I’m a Life Coach who specializes in helping Latter-Day Saint women learn to embrace their sexuality and LOVE their sex life!  

I believe as women embrace this essential part of themselves they can truly live their best life. They are fulfilling the measure of their creation.  They have strong marriages.  And they have a closer relationship with their Heavenly Parents.