Breaking The Silence Podcast

I was interviewed by Creed and Crishelle of Breaking The Silence Podcast. We discussed how I teach clients all day about how to better their sexual health, and as a mom I have experience teaching my children about topics surrounding sex. Creed and Crishelle talk with me about how to start important conversations about sex with your partner, children, or other loved ones. We also discuss steps both married and single adults can take to prepare for and improve sexual relationships. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Intimacy is about knowing your partner and opening up completely. 
  • Our bodies are inherently good. There is nothing about our bodies that is shameful. 
  • The six principles of sexual health 
  • Sexual agreements to make ahead of marriage 
  • Take care of yourself first and make sure you are in integrity with yourself.
  • Be open with your partner about what is working or not working for you.
  • Sex is a lot more than intercourse.

 Listen here.

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