Sprinkled with Hope Podcast

In this episode, we talked about how I grew up in a home where we didn’t talk about sex, and I had a lot of shame around my sexuality and spent almost my entire first marriage hating sex. I didn’t enjoy it, didn’t have pleasure from it, and only did it to get him off of my back for a while. But when our marriage really started going south I thought that maybe improving our sex life would help, so I starting learning everything I could about sex and sexuality, despite my deep shame.

What I learned is that I didn’t have a very good relationship with myself. And through working on myself and sex, I began to change. I no longer felt powerless in my marriage and my confidence grew. I quickly realized that sex wasn’t going to fix my marriage, and it ended in divorce. But better things were on the horizon.

Now that I am married to Kevin, I am living the life I always dreamed of. We have an amazing marriage and a great sex life. I have been coaching women in their marriages since 2018 and I feel happier and more content than I have ever been. I want that for you too.

Listen here.

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