Policies & Procedures


Each private session is held in strict confidence. All sessions are recorded (video and audio). For professional or educational purposes, I may share recordings or certain topics anonymously and/or hypothetically.


I respect you and your time and appreciate the same from you. If you need to change or cancel a scheduled session, please do so with 24-hour notice. I understand and I will reschedule a missed session if an understandable emergency occurs. Free mini-sessions and Program sessions can be rescheduled ONCE after a missed session. Otherwise, that session will be forfeit.

Because your session is by video conference, you agree to give the session your full attention by refraining from all other activities, such as driving, eating, and multitasking and you will ensure a clear voice connection.

Please make sure that you are fully committed to your coaching, as I do not offer refunds. This holds you accountable for your coaching. I completely believe in the partnership coaching that we do together. Not having the option of a refund, you are absolutely taking a life-changing step towards living a successful, fulfilling and inspired life!


You must pay for each session of your private/group coaching in advance.


I value your time as well as my own. I expect you to be on time for our sessions. It is your responsibility to call me in Zoom at the agreed-upon time unless otherwise arranged. Being on time for your session allows you to take advantage of the time we have together. I will reserve your time for 15 minutes. After that, your session will be forfeited. You will not be refunded for missed sessions.


We frequently complete our session with agreed-upon tasks for the upcoming week. Please complete these actions between our session and be prepared to discuss them at the next session.

Contact Me

I will ONLY coach you during our scheduled calls. Please do not contact me for coaching outside of those. I do not do emergency coaching.  If you have a question or want to share a win, feel free to email me.  Most likely I will discuss it with you at our next session.   Feel free to contact me by email to further discuss any of my coaching policies.