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The Schedule

February 1-5, 2023
St. George, Utah

Do you want to want sex more? Do you want to feel less anxiety and dread when you know your husband asks for it? Do you want to be able ditch the to-do list and be more present in the moment with him? Do you want to learn how to truly experience the pleasure that sex can bring?  Do you want to heal your relationship with sex?  Then this retreat is for you!

This retreat is focused on helping women increase their desire for sex and build more intimacy with their spouse by getting pampered, coached, and engaging with other women. Come by yourself or invite some friends to join you!

If Covid is still a concern, we will be requiring everyone to produce a negative Covid test within 48 hours of arrival. We ask that you quarantine and social distance as much as possible in the 14-days leading up to the retreat.

What’s included?

  • Personalized help on how to have a better Sex Life! – I will be teaching you how to improve the sex and intimacy in your marriage by giving you amazing tools that will help you feel more desire, and increase the intimacy in your marriage and sexual relationship.
  • Guest Speakers – We will have guest speakers that will present different ways to improve your connection with your spouse.
  • Food – All meals will be provided
  • Professional photo session – we will have professional female photographers there to help you create a memorable photo as a Valentine gift for yourself and/or your spouse.  Bring your favorite outfit or even lingerie to spice it up! (Your privacy and your desires for the photoshoot will be completely respected! You make it whatever you want it to be!)  All guests will also receive a hair and makeup session with one of our professionals.
  • Relaxation – whether it is chatting with other women, morning yoga, hanging out in the hot tub, or spending some much needed alone time, you will get the rest and relaxation you’ve been craving.
  • Swag bag – some amazing gifts for you to take home so you can recharge and reinvigorate your yourself and your sex life there as well.


The Schedule

Guests may start arriving at 5pm on Wednesday, February 1. Dinner will be served around 6:30pm.  Sunday morning will include a light breakfast and checkout is at 9am.



There is a small airport in St. George or you can fly into Las Vegas.  There is an inexpensive shuttle from Las Vegas to St. George.  In January, I will invite all attendees to a Facebook group where rides can be coordinated.  There is usually not a need for a rental car.

Meet The Glam Squad!

The Speakers
(more being announced soon!)

The Houses

Two beautiful houses, side by side!

Shared King Bed in Private Room $1499 per person

Enjoy the comfort of a shared king bed in a private room.  Each King bedroom has it’s own private bathroom.

Twin Bunkbed $1249

Queen Bunk Bed (Bottom Only) $1399

Full Bunk Bed (Bottom Only) $1299

in a Shared Room

Get your own bed in a fun bunkroom! Each bunk room has it’s own private bathroom.

Here's What Past Guests Have Said!

“This retreat transformed my thinking about myself. I am beautiful, worthy, and confident. Amanda brought out the best in us by asking questions that had us thinking. Many of the freewriting activities brought surprising results that will allow me to move forward with loving myself and be more vulnerable in the bedroom. I learned so much about myself and my thinking. Amanda opened my mind and allowed me to see where I have been stuck. Amazing!!” – Debi

“I wasn’t sure what to expect at the retreat but I knew if it was with Amanda, it would be good! The healing that was able to take place for me was transformative. Between the speakers, photos, and the comradery of all those that attended, I was able to accept myself on a whole new level! Before this retreat, I didn’t know I could be sexy. So many of my intimate experiences had been set up only to please my partner. I now know that it’s ok to put myself first! I came home with resources, tools, and suggestions on how to do that and I’m so excited about it! Amanda’s “open book” personality style helped all of us feel comfortable to ask any question we had! I learned so much and I couldn’t wait to get home to share it all with my husband!” – DB

“I had such a transformative experience at the Embrace You Women’s retreat. I thought I was going to simply strengthen my relationship with my spouse, but I strengthened my relationship with ME as well as made 22 new best friends. I feel more empowered than ever to embrace my own sexuality and love myself and my husband more than ever.” – Sara Payne

The retreat was the best way for me to enter my 40’s! The things I learned at the retreat have changed the way I see myself and treat myself. For the first time I felt allowed to be comfortable with my sexuality and I am actually proud of it. It’s not something I should be ashamed of or embarrassed about. I left the retreat with a set of goals I know I can accomplish that will benefit both myself and my man! – Melissa Bowers

I was lost, and I came home found. – LT


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