Coaching with Amanda was life changing

After some encouragement from my husband, I signed up to do a 12 week group coaching session with Amanda. I was somewhat interested. I had listened to a couple of her podcasts, but was skeptical that coaching would do much for me. I was the lower desire partner and this had been a cause of frustration for us in our marriage. I just wasn’t in the mood nearly as much as my husband. I didn’t know how to create desire for sex and I often wanted things to be “perfect” in order for it to happen. I love that Amanda was trained by Brooke Castillo. The methods she uses in coaching not only helped me understand how my thoughts were creating my emotions, but helped me to create new, empowering thoughts which could help me in my relationship with my husband and beyond. She also taught me a lot about how sex starts in the brain and helped me to create that emotional intimacy I was craving. I kept thinking I needed to change my husband’s behavior so I could feel connected to him, but really I needed to start by changing my thoughts! This experience surprised me in that it was life changing for me. I thought I was doing well enough already on my own, but through coaching, her videos, and assignments I learned so much. Definitely worth it!

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