I am a believer!

Before I tried coaching with Amanda, I felt like I was so far beyond help. I had tried everything I could think of (Drs, medicine, professional sex therapy, books, movies, supplements… you name it, I tried it) to try and improve my interest in sex. Nothing worked. I had given up hope that it would ever get better, and I resigned myself to sex just being something I tolerated to keep my marriage together. I heard one of Amanda’s podcasts, and just for giggles I signed up for a free mini session. I KNEW that there was nothing she could tell me that I hadn’t already heard, seen, or read. How wrong I was! After talking with her for a few minutes, and talking with my husband for quite a few minutes, we decided to sign up for coaching. 12 weeks later (actually it was 10!) and I am a believer! Sex is no longer cause for anxiety, fear, annoyance…. it’s something I actually look forward to! I can’t thank or recommend coaching with Amanda enough!

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