Sex is for me too!

I always come away from Amanda’s class feeling uplifted and inspired. Her class is practical and open. The shared experiences of the other women in the class brought us closer together and formed immediate friendships. Differences in race, religion, and lifestyles were a non-issue. We are all women wanting to love our significant other’s deeply and sexually, and the bond was immediate within the sisterhood!
I found out that sex is for me too. It is for me to enjoy and to decompress with. It’s not just a man thing! I am still working on this concept, but I am inspired by it.
Amanda’s class was an overall fit. All areas of life were brought into focus. It was about whatever I wanted to work on, which was not usually sex. Sex came because I was working on loving myself more and loving my spouse too. Thank you Amanda for a great experience. It was well worth the time and money!

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