Worth the investment!

Coaching with Amanda has changed my life for the better! I am aware of what I’m thinking and feeling so I’m not just reacting to life but choosing what I want to think to create the results I want in my life. I’m reframing the thoughts that aren’t serving me and getting rid of the negative self talk because no growth comes from hate. Something important I learned was I was being co dependent in my relationship and I changed that. I also learned what my definition of love for my family was; what they were doing for me. Like they owed my something. I changed that mindset that same day and has made such a difference in my mood in parenting my young kids.
I feel like I have tools to manage my mind that I would have never found by myself. I will use these tools the rest of my life and am so grateful I chose to do this coaching program with Amanda!
Be ready to apply yourself and set time aside every day/week to work on yourself because you are worth it!

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