Self Care Simplified Podcast


I got to talk to Megan from Self Care Simplified Podcast. We talked all about how your sex life actually plays a vital role in your self-care. 

Here are some of the questions I was asked in this interview:

  1. Can you give us a 1 minute explanation of what you do and who you help?
  2. As married women, how is sex an important aspect of our self-care?
  3. What does a healthy sex life look like, and in what ways do we judge ourselves when we feel like we don’t have that?
  4. A lot of the ladies that listen to this show are in their 40’s or older. What are some of the biggest complaints that you hear from women about sex as they get older?
  5. How does desire work differently for women than men? How do our hormones play a role throughout our monthly cycle and then later in peri-menopause and menopause?
  6. What are a few simple habits or mindset shifts that we can make about sex to be able to enjoy it more?
  7. To wrap up I always like to leave women with one simple action step that they can put into place TODAY. What ONE THING can we do today to experience an improvement in this area of our lives?

Listen here.

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