My life has been changed

I was SO hesitant spending the money to have a life coach. I remember telling my husband, “but we can go on such a fun vacation for the amount of money I’m about to spend.” And he responded, “Yes, but how great will it be for you to actually be present on that vacation.” Talk about a punch in the gut. I knew I needed a change.
Coaching was WORTH EVERY PENNY. I was a little hesitant as I thought I was fine and could figure things out on my own. I was wrong! Amanda helped me every step of the way. The best part-no judgement.
Before coaching my thoughts would spin out of control. I almost felt as if there had to be something wrong with me. Guess what- I’m normal! Amanda taught me just how to get control of these thoughts and then to get back on track when I would derail.
Amanda has ALL of the tools needed to be in control of your life. I looked forward to my weekly sessions with her and celebrating small victories. She was also very available throughout the week if I ever had any questions or couldn’t get control of the thought that was bugging me.
Through working with Amanda I was able to uncover a traumatic part of my past, heal from it, and now understand WHY my brain operates the way it does under certain circumstances, and then move on from it.
I never knew just how much my sex life was affected by my thoughts running a million miles a minute-It was just little things that I needed to change (and continue to work on) that make my relationship with my husband SO much better.
Amanda always had very relatable stories and asked very thought provoking questions to make me dig a little deeper.
I specifically LOVED the worksheets/homework that she would give. Working on myself was so needed, and now a thought download is a part of my day that I look forward to the most.
I couldn’t be more grateful that I said yes and took a chance on me, and figuring out how my brain works and ways that I could improve!

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