Episode 103 – A Marriage Made Whole: An Interview with Jeff and Joy

No matter where life finds you, no matter the status of your relationships, podcast #103 , “A Marriage Made Whole” is not to be missed.  

My podcast is an interview with past clients that will inspire you.

You may not have the same circumstances, but it is a sweet story of forgiveness, brain work and overcoming.

You will see first hand what coaching can do and how it can help anyone, any situation.

Thank you Jeff and Joy for being vulnerable and sharing your story.

Show Notes:

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Show Summary:

For this episode, I interviewed one of my current clients and her husband about her experience while coaching with me and how it has changed their marriage and changed their lives.  Their story is raw and real and I appreciate their candor and their willingness to share the struggle that Joy’s sexuality has been for them.

Their story is not unlike many I hear time and time again, which is why I wanted to bring them on.  I’m sure that their story or at least aspects of it will resonate with you. It is my hope that their story will inspire you to seek help.  That you are not a lost cause. Help is available.

I will tell you what I tell every client who comes to a free mini-session with me.  I am very, very good at what I do. I can help. I can offer you hope of a better future.  I invite you to sign up for a FREE session and let’s see if we are a good fit so that you too can have the marriage and the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Thanks again to Jeff and Joy for being willing to share their story.  

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