Q&A Call 07.14.2022

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Q&A Call 07.14.2022 https://vimeo.com/730151156/86fc195edcAmanda coached on the following:(01:04) - I'm new and there's so much information. Where do I start?(04:21) - She saw my Instagram story about having sex in…

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Q&A Call 05.10.2022

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Q&A Call 05.10.2022 https://vimeo.com/708350336/8375cfb0ebAmanda coached on the following:(01:47) - I'm currently the lower desire spouse but I feel like I could be the higher desire spouse because I used to…

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Q&A Call 04.26.2022

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Q&A Call 04.26.2022 https://vimeo.com/703370620/5f0e90ce26Amanda coached on the following:(04:35) - How do you work through with a blended family not being a momma bear? When my husband gets after my kids…

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Q&A Call 04.14.2022

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Q&A Call 04.14.2022 https://vimeo.com/699588705/c720e31d8fAmanda coached on the following:(01:09) - What can I tell myself to create more desire?(04:30) - What are some ways to have connection after sex?(05:24) - How…

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Q&A Call 03.31.2022

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Q&A Call 03.31.2022 https://vimeo.com/694504356/77e5a01dcfAmanda coached on the following:(03:11) - I'm feeling like an entitled victim a lot in my life. I'd rather feel grateful.(03:50) - Duty sex has been apart…

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Q&A Call 03.16.2022

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Q&A Call 03.16.2022 https://vimeo.com/689007774/5694c7fd99Amanda coached on the following:(01:53) What different kinds of calls are there?(04:57) Can we listen to the VIP calls(05:39) How can I not buffer so much(09:54) How…

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