Hesitant uncertain woman shrugs shoulders, has displeased unaware expression, cant make choice between two items, wears round spectacles, models against pink background. Who cares in this situation?

Episode 181 – Garments Aren’t Sexy

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Garments aren’t sexy. It’s just the truth of the matter! But we are taught that they are an outward symbol of an inward commitment so maybe it’s time that we…

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Cute active female of large size with red hair, pointing to her sweater. I love my body, self-confidence, positive emotions, a stylish large girl. Waist studio portrait up isolated on pink, copy space

Episode 162 – Attraction & Self-Objectification

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Someone shared with me recently that their friend says she has a great sex life, but she won’t let her husband watch her undress because she doesn’t like her body…

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