Episode 10 – Challenging Relationships

Whether you are dealing with a spouse, boss, or neighbor, you often have challenging relationships.  In this podcast I’ll share how you can make them work for you no matter what the circumstance!

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Show Summary:

It’s not other people who make our relationships challenging.  It’s our thoughts.

Challenging relationships share a few common roles:

  1. The Pretender: The person who pretends everything is fine and doesn’t acknowledge what is really going on.
  2. The Finally Sticking Up For Myself Person: They have a lot of anger and blame and they haven’t owned up to their responsibilities in the relationship.
  3. The Pleaser: The person who deny’s themselves and comply’s with everyone else for approval.  They usually have underlying issues with hate, frustration, and resentment because they are always trying to keep the peace.
  4. The Liar: The person who lies, cheats and deceives the other person rather than addresses the situation.

Is one of these you?  Are you the difficult one in the relationship?  Decide how you want to show up and make changes in yourself.  That is where your freedom and control come in.

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