Episode 39 – The Manual

Most of us have a manual for our spouse. An unwritten list of do’s and don’ts that affect the way you feel? Your emotions tied up in someone else’s behavior leaves you powerless and at the mercy of someone else. Do you really want to tie your emotions to someone else’s behavior? I don’t think so! It’s time to take your power back!

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Episode 37 – Emotional Vocabulary

Having a better emotional vocabulary helps you identify what you are actually feeling. The feeling of “powerful” is going to drive a lot different action than feeling “good.” So when someone asks you how you are doing today…. how do you want to answer?

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Episode 34 – Cultivating Connection & Desire

So many women think they don’t want to have sex because they are tired or “touched out” at the end of the day. What was once a vital and important part of the marriage has taken a back seat to life and child rearing. In this episode, we examine how the thoughts you are telling yourself are killing your sex drive…and how you can get it back!

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Episode 33 – Why Happiness is NOT the Goal

The more you try to resist or push away negative emotion, the bigger it grows. But if you just learn to sit with it, move towards it, you are willing to have the whole human experience. And that is a life worth living!

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